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Hens Party Fancy Dress Ideas All the Girls Will Love

hens party fancy dress ideas

Fancy dress is an age old tradition for celebrating a bride-to-be’s upcoming nuptials. But netted tutus, fluorescent leg warmers, pink cowboy hats and plastic tiara crowns should probably be left in 2002 where they belong. There’s nothing fancy about that dress up. You need some more original hens party fancy dress ideas!

So whether you’re a bridezilla trying to control your own hens night, or a maid of honour looking for ideas that won’t cause a cock fight, then look no further. From hens night outfit ideas to creative hens party fancy dress ideas, there’s something even the mother-in-law will approve of. (Maybe…)

Hens Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Hens parties have advanced since the days of a simple night out or BYOB down the local Indian restaurant. They’ve transformed into week long holidays in the sun and city break extravaganzas. To make a memorable impact on your party destination, here are some hens party fancy dress ideas for the raunchy or more wholesome bride-to-be.

Hens T Shirt Name Ideas

party fancy dress ideas hen t shirt name

The classic hens t shirt. Wherever you’re going, you want people to know that you’re the Bride Tribe, and what better way to brand yourselves than a personalised t shirt? Print your nickname or expose a little secret about each member of the party. Make them as naughty or nice as you like!

Hens Party Abroad Themes

swimsuit themes hen party abroad

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate an upcoming marriage is to get as far away from the groom as possible. Kitting the bride out with a tongue-in-cheek swimsuit will guarantee she receives no unwanted attention, leaving the bridesmaids with full pick of the talent. (Think smart, girls). As you’re soaking up the sun or nursing a hangover in the shade, your squad will still look the part.

Hens Night Outfit Ideas

hen party fancy dress ideas boob tube

For a more risqué outfit for your night out, opt for a bandeau emblazoned with an original quote. Paired with some hot pants or skinny jeans, your hens party crew will need some water to put out all that smoking hotness.

hen night outfit ideas

Whether you’re in Phuket or on the Gold Coast, a jacket is an essential component for a female outing so design a custom jacket to combat late night chills. They also work well as a beacon signal should any member of the gang go astray. For a more covered up affair, create personalised dresses in varying styles to suit everyone’s different preferences, because comfort equals confidence.

Hens Party Slogans

Our hens party fancy dress ideas mention a few classic hens party slogans, but here’s a few more to be inspired by.

  • Take Another Shot, [Name] is Tying the Knot!
  • All Women are Created Equally, But Only the Best are Bridesmaids
  • Raising a Little Hell before the Wedding Bells
  • Have Some Tea with Our Bride-to-Be! (Ideal for a quaint afternoon tea hens party)
  • He Liked It So He Put a Ring On It
  • This Is My Hens Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To!
  • Property of the Groom
  • The Wedding Isn’t For Hours, So Until Then She’s Ours!
  • The Final Fling Before The Ring

Make sure your hens party raises the bar in terms of #SquadGoals, and design your own fancy dress!

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