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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The Paper Anniversary

Paper is the 1st anniversary milestone. The strength built up by the paper’s individual threads is symbolic of the strength of the relationship. We have plenty of perfect 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas. We make many of our products from paper.

As the tradition is to give paper gifts as 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas, giving the couple a personalised journal is ideal. This stunning personalised journal is printed in satin back and front and it has luxurious Ivory paper inside. You can personalise the journal with a photo from the wedding day on the front. The journal is perfect to give blank for the couple to write down thoughts about their first year as husband and wife. It can be a sort of marriage journal where they share ups and downs of married life. Years later, they can go back and look in this marriage journal to see how their marriage has grown.

custom journal

Another 1st wedding anniversary gift idea is to get all the couple’s friends to write something in the personalised journal about the wedding that took place a year ago or just how they feel about the couple, wishing them all the best luck for the future. Personal messages from friends and family that shared that special day with them will be truly appreciated and it will take them back to the day when they came together as man and wife. The personalised journal is so stunning in itself that it makes a perfect accessory for the coffee table in the living room where guests can admire it.

More Great 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Stationery:  a personalised journal, diary, address book or notebook is a fabulous way to incorporate the wedding day to your everyday life at work or at home.

Calendar: pick 12 pictures from the wedding day and remember your wedding day every month until the 2nd anniversary!

Photo Posters: put up a glossy high-quality poster of those favourite pictures from your wedding day in your house or in your office and you will remember that special day every day.

anniversary wall art poster
Photo Posters

Traditional Yet Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It can be quite tricky buying a couple – or your husband or wife – wedding anniversary gifts for their 1st anniversary. A year has gone by since the wedding and the married couple are probably still pretty set with the wedding gifts they received from guests at the wedding. Creative 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas stick to the traditional theme yet have a modern touch. Personalised paper books are perfect as they fit the theme, display photos and are useful.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas With Photos

If you want to give 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas which can display as many photos as possible go for photo albums or photo books. Prefer to let the married couple choose the wedding day photos themselves? Just provide them with a beautiful empty photo album with a personalised cover and back. If you need wedding anniversary gifts for your partner then get the photos printed straight onto a lovely book. This gem of a book will be adored for years to come. You can add a photo book box to keep it super safe!

wedding photo book

Notebook, Address Book And Diary

Personalising everyday paper books like notebooks, address books and diaries with wedding photos are ideal for 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas. You are sticking to the traditional paper theme while giving the person useful wedding anniversary gifts which they can use in their busy day to day life. Tradition meets today! The personalised notebooks have a soft cover and blank pages perfect for making lists, writing poems or collecting thoughts. And the deluxe paper diary is perfect for staying organized and on top of errands and obligations.

custom notebook

Photo Books as 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Made From Paper

Upload wedding photos stuck on your computer to our website. Then have them printed in this elegant photo book, a perfect piece in the living room.

wedding photo album

If you want to stick to traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas then you are in need of paper gifts. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. If you are reading this, we have a great range of gifts made out of paper which you can personalise and give. Our range of photo books is ideal for 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas and you have many options to choose from. Photo books are stylish gifts which, with the help of your photos, will be personal anniversary gifts.

Photo Albums For Prints

If you just couldn’t wait to print those photos from the wedding day then might we suggest that you make customised photo albums? Make a home for all those prints in stunning photo albums. The photo albums can have up to 100 sides of thick Italian ivory coloured pages. The album comes with parchment tissue interleaves for each page. Personalise the cover with a photo of your choice, printed on satin. Make photo albums of photos from the wedding day or make honeymoon photo albums.

Sleek Photo Books

custom gift photo album

For those who have wedding photos still stuck on their computer, there is no need to worry. You don’t have to print photos to have them collected in a stylish book, you can simply upload them to us and we print them straight onto photo books for you. Photo books are truly sleek and modern 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas. The happy couple or your other half will love them. Photo books hold more than 50 photos.

The Book Of Love

When you want to include text as well as photos – personal notes or poems perhaps – opt for The Book of Love. This little book holds 12 photos with a page of text next to each photo. You have a couple of beautiful design options for the cover and you can also choose a photo. The Book of Love really does make one of the most romantic 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas you can give to your spouse. Here you have the opportunity to express your love in words as well as photos. Personal photo books like these are ideal for your husband or wife as anniversary gifts.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Photo boxes

Personalised Photo Boxes make for great presents. Choose from three sizes of photo boxes and store anything you like in these hard-wearing suede lined boxes.

memory photo box

Not just any boxes, you can personalise them any way you want. You can print photos, patterns, designs or images onto the box. Ready-made photo boxes from shops often lack in details, not ours. We handmake the whole box, down to the last detail. The lining, made from a suede material, gives the box a luxury feel. Buying anniversary gifts doesn’t have to be stressful, ordering paper gifts from Bags of Love is easy.

custom photo box

Wedding Coasters

wedding coaster

Here is a very creative 1st wedding anniversary gift. Lynda picked pictures from her son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. These personalised photo coasters will be a great talking point when they have guests over and they can tell stories about their wedding day.

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