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Iconic Text Conversations That Took the Internet By Storm – Text T-Shirts

As most of our conversations now take place online this makes for some truly memorable moments. From wrong numbers, drunk texts, and hilarious miscommunications these hilarious moments deserve to be remembered. What better way to memorialise these beautiful moments than on text t-shirts!

At Bags of Love we take your favourite text conversations and print them directly onto your very own custom text t-shirts. Our all-over print means your conversations are not limited to the centre of the t-shirt. You can design a text t-shirt with the conversation wrapped all the way around.

So, get creative and design text t-shirts for you and your loved ones to remember forever. Whether it’s a hilarious conversation you had yourself, or a viral internet text conversation, create the ultimate text t-shirts today!

Drunk Texts

Drunk texts, we have all experienced them. We are all guilty of sending at least one in our lifetime. However, if you are one of the lucky few that has not been faced with such embarrassment then you have definitely received one. Either way we cannot help but look back and laugh at the drunken words.

One message went viral when a guy texted his girlfriend to say he was on his way home. She responded with an image of him, as she was the one driving him home. Another is two guys talking about the party the next day. One explained that he was so drunk at the party they had to call a cab home. Their friend simply responded: “But the party was at your house!”

Struggling to think of a gift idea for a friend? Why not create text t-shirts using the very drunk text they have sent to you and the group chat. This unique gift is unlike anything they will have ever received before. Create something they will both cherish and find hilarious.

Wrong Number Fails – Text T-shirts

Text T-shirts

That feeling when your heart sinks because you have just pressed send on a text message for the wrong person… It happens to the best of us, but it can create some awkward moments and conversations. When it’s not you sending the text, wrong number fails can be hilarious.

A viral example is when a young girl received the following text from the wrong number:

“Hello Mrs Blank, we need to set up a meeting addressing the behaviour of your son. He has been repeatedly eating the Lego’s during play time. I want to express my concerns with you and was hoping to get to talk. Hope to hear from you soon, have a good day.”

What makes this wrong number text message even more amusing is that the young girl who received it was no older than 13 at the time.

Embrace the embarrassment by creating text t-shirts in honour of your funny mishaps, or the mishaps of others. Wear them with pride or give them as a gift, either way they add flair to a wardrobe staple. Text t-shirts create the ultimate funny conversation starter.

Heartwarming Mistakes – Text T-shirts

Text T-shirts

Texts to the wrong number have provided a plethora of hilarious outcomes. However, there have also been multiple heart-warming interactions between strangers that deserve an honourable mention.

My personal favourites are the interactions between strangers who have lost someone and those who have required the deceased’s old number. These interactions are so pure they will undoubtedly warm even the coldest of hearts.

An interaction that swept the internet this past year was a simple Happy Father’s Day text. A man sent the message to his father’s old number. When the recipient of the text message responded explaining that they must have the wrong number the man explained that this was his deceased father’s old number. He would message every year on holidays and significant events. The son explained that this was the first time he had ever received a response, promising not to bother him again with any messages. The recipient of the text assured the man this was no trouble. He even encouraged him to keep texting the number if it allowed him to feel connected to his deceased father. A truly moving text conversation.

A sweet message between strangers, or your own, would make beautiful text t-shirts to show that there is hope for humanity.

Text T-shirts – The Perfect Gift

Custom t-shirts make for a unique and personalised gift. Create your own custom t-shirts today to give to all your loved ones. From cute, funny, or embarrassing messages have a look back on your old conversations and create text t-shirts they will love and adore.

Head to Bags of Love now to create text t-shirts quickly and easily today!

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