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Spice Up Your Virtual Set Up With A Custom Zoom Background

Stand Out From The Virtual Crowd With A Personalised Zoom Background

The digital age has taken on a new meaning in the past year. Working from home has become the new normal. Your home now doubles as your office, and with Zoom calls this means your room is on full display. That is why a custom Zoom background is an essential.

Want a custom Zoom background that reflects you and your unique style? Something that will make you memorable for all the right reasons? We have a range of personalised items that will help you achieve this.

Posters, Canvas And Wall Hangings

Custom Zoom Background canvas

If you have a bare wall that feels like it’s missing something special, why not create your own personal wall prints to add some personality.

A popular Pinterest-inspired option is the creation of a feature wall. This is where you get multiple different images or prints, frame them or print on canvas, and position them to your liking on your wall. A sleek and luxurious statement wall can really elevate any space. So simple and effortless to achieve, whilst creating such a grand outcome.

custom zoom background

A feature wall will not only elevate your home but will also boost your presence on the screen. Making for an eye-catching custom Zoom background that radiates sophistication. You will portray good taste and come across put together, even if that may be far from the truth!

canvas zoom background

These prints are easy to install and really demonstrate elegance. At Bags of Love, you can print whatever you desire. Our range of canvas types and sizes makes it easier to add depth and variety to your custom feature wall. From family photos or beautiful city views to tranquil holiday scenes, design your own custom-printed background for a backdrop that reflects you.

Custom Curtains And Blinds

Custom Zoom Background blind

If wallpaper is too much of a commitment for you, then you can always opt for our bespoke curtains and blinds. These create the perfect custom Zoom background that is both personal to you and reflective of your unique style.

Get creative, using your very own images, and design curtains or blinds (or why not both) that not only block out the glaring sun on your screen, but double as the perfect backdrop to any meeting.

Unique Wallpaper As A Custom Zoom Background

bookshelf wallpaper

Working from home has really highlighted the lacking creativity in our home décor. If you have grown tired of working under the same bland 4 walls, why not inject some life and creativity into your home.

Exude intelligence and sophistication with a bookshelf wallpaper design. Through the screen, your colleagues will have no idea that it is just beautiful wallpaper. However, they will definitely admire your impressive collection of books (don’t worry we won’t tell them the truth). The perfect backdrop to any at-home office, or an incredible feature wall to elevate your living space. Bookshelf wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop.

At Bags of Love you can design your very own wallpaper. Take your own images and create a feature wall that will bring some much needed life to your space.

Create a statement online and in real life, with a custom Zoom background that will make your colleagues envious that they didn’t think of it themselves.

Room Divider Screen

If you want to literally separate your work and home life, why not purchase one of our room dividers.

Having your camera on for Zoom meetings can sometimes feel like an invasion of privacy, however, sometimes this is unavoidable. We have the perfect solution. A room divider acts as the perfect custom Zoom background that allows you to keep your home private. Easy to set up, and just as easy to store away, the perfect temporary solution.

Create your own unique room divider that keeps your privacy. Printable on both sides, you can create two unique designs to switch between. This way you’ll never get bored. This custom Zoom background is the perfect way to stand out, whilst remaining private.

Create A Home To Be Proud Of

zoom backdrop

Now you’re spending a lot more time at home, why not create a space you can be proud to show off over zoom. We have a large range of personalised homeware and accessories available. From lampshades and canvas prints, to bed sheets, blankets and cushions, there are a variety of products for you to design to spice up your space.

Make your Zoom meeting more enjoyable with a custom Zoom background you can’t wait to show off. Bespoke custom homeware not only creates a homely atmosphere, but also an enjoyable environment to work in. Your space is very important as it can impact your mood. Create a positive impact for you and all who enter with personalised homeware from Bags of Love.

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