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21 Unexpected Products for Personalised Gift Drop-Shippers

products for personalised gift dropshippers

Calling all personalised gift drop-shippers! You’ve done all the hard work. From setting up your store to managing products, you’ve worked tirelessly to build your business from the ground up. Let us be the first to tell you: you’re doing a great job.

But every business is designed to expand. What if you could be selling five, ten, or even twenty new products that are already top sellers? What if these products could be designed and added to your store for FREE in less than a day?

Sounds interesting, right? You might want to read on.

Top-Sellers for Personalised Gift Drop-Shippers To Start Stocking

Below is our list of top-selling personalised gifts that are perfect to incorporate into your drop-shipping business. Check out these popular personalised gift items that you’d never expect to sell so well!

1. Scarves

personalised gift drop-shippers scarves

It’s a tried and tested fact: people love scarves. As it turns out, scarves make a perfect canvas for any design simply because people love to wear art. This flowy accessory has stood the test of time with drop-shippers and personalised gift-givers alike. If you’re not selling it, you should be.

2. Acrylic Photo Blocks

acyrlic photo blocks

Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to display designs: the acrylic photo block. Made of solid acrylic, this desk accessory adds new dimensions to your designs. They’re inexpensive, unique and versatile. What will you print?

3. Bomber Jackets

personalised gift drop-shippers bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a fashion staple that never goes out of style, so if you’re selling one of these classic coats, you know they’re going to last. That’s why they make the perfect personalised gift. Why hop from trend to trend, when time has told you what’s best?

4. Bathrobes

dressing gown bath robe

Now this one is pretty unexpected, but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Bathrobes are always cosy, comfy and printed with something – the perfect combination for personalised gift drop-shippers! And since they’re rarely made to match anything else, you can be as creative as you’d like.

5. Towels

towel set for personalised gift drop-shippers

Towels, whether for the beach or bathroom, are always overlooked, but they’re a real necessity and often downgraded to boring, white pieces of absorbent material. Yawn. Just like with bathrobes, they don’t have to necessarily match anything, and so become an unexpected canvas for art, not to mention an unforgettable personalised gift. Win-win.

6. Men’s Leather Wallets

leather wallet

Nothing is more luxurious than a leather wallet boasting a custom design. And what piece is more deserving of your art? The wallet is an amalgamation of affluence. For that reason alone, it deserves to be adorned with your designs and generously bless each of its recipients.

7. Travel Cushions

travel cushions

Ah, the humble neck pillow. It always seems irrelevant until you’re trapped in the middle seat and unable to sleep. Your custom printed travel pillow will be their second favourite thing on the plane. After the cocktail in front of them, of course.

8. Rugs

personalised gift drop-shippers rugs

Nothing feels more like home than a delightful, high-quality rug decorated with your designs. The rug is an unexpected but truly thoughtful personalised gift: it never goes out of style. Give your customers the gift of ambience in the home with a snazzy, inimitable rug.

9. Kimono

kimono for personalised gift drop-shippers

Similar to the bathrobe but much more fashionable, this versatile piece needs to be in your store now. They make a great gift because you can go out and layer it, or wear it in… without layers. Sexy and chic, there are no two ways about it, kimonos are a personalised gift that sells.

10. Bedsheets


Another perfect canvas for your art! People love to snuggle up in something totally unique. Bedsheets are a great gift for newlyweds, couples, college students, and so many more. You’re missing out if these aren’t in your store.

11. Wallpaper

wallpaper for personalised gift drop-shippers

Can you think of anything cooler than an accent wall embellished with your art? That’s a personalised gift that will last. You give yourself a gift by selling this in your store. Then, your customer gets to give the gift of a uniquely beautiful space created by your wallpaper. Good grief, that’s a lot of gift-giving.

12. Cushions

cushion with cat

Cushions are a classic gift, but are often overlooked by gift drop-shippers! Why? People don’t realise the potential a cushion can have, especially one printed with your designs. Don’t sleep on this personalised gift – it’s more powerful than you think.

13. Yoga mat

personalised gift drop-shippers yoga mat

Yogis are a passionate customer base that you want to tap into. Yoga mats are a personalised gift perfect for any fitness guru or health freak. If you know someone who’s new year resolution is to lose a little weight, your customers do too and those people need gifts.

14. Pocket squares

pocket squares handkerchief

One of the more gentlemanly of personalised gifts, the pocket square has a similar appeal to a scarf: its purpose is to be designed. No one ever wanted a plain, boring pocket square. They also make a great gift for the gents who are hard to shop for. All in all, a solid choice for your store.

15. Socks


Socks are starting to get the recognition they deserve as a fashion accessory. No longer are socks the unwanted Christmas gift. Now, they’re prime real estate for unique, eye-catching designs – AKA your designs. Socks are perhaps one of the most optimal personalised gifts out there.

16. Tie


Look, if you’ve got a dad, father figure, or man you love, a tie is the perfect personalised present. So why wouldn’t you want to provide this for your customers? Design ties for the eccentric, the bold and the brilliant men your customers shop for.

17. China plates

china plates for personalised gift drop-shippers

These are a cherished personalised gift the recipient will keep for years. Perhaps even pass down to their children one day. China plates are a completely unexpected gift idea but the truth is that they sell, and well. Pop these in your store and see how quickly they’re snatched up!

18. Swimsuit


Like bed sheets, these are a great personalised gift for spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, and loved ones. Especially when they’re going on vacation, a swimsuit is a highly coveted gift in the warmer seasons. You’ve got customers in tropical climates, cater to them with this personalised gift.

19. Leggings

leggings for personalised gift drop-shippers

If you’ve got towels, yoga mats, and socks in your store, why not add leggings to match? Create a whole gift set for the athletic types out there. They’ll love strolling up to the gym in matching gear. Plus, even on their own, leggings are a best-selling gift. Strike while the iron’s hot and get these in your store, fast!

20. Tea Towels

tea towels for the kitchen

No, these are not like the towels from before. In fact, kitchen towels cover a domain of their own. Perfect for any gifted cook or general food-lover, te\a towels make a statement in any kitchen. Sell a personalised gift for a personal space.

21. Leather tote

handmade leather tote bags

And lastly, the crème-de-la-crème of personalised gifts: a custom printed leather tote bag! This is a personalised gift for almost ANYONE. They’re luxurious, functional, stylish and totally unique. If you’re looking to wow your customers so they can wow someone else, put a leather tote bag in your store.

A-Z For Personalised Gift Drop-Shippers

So now that you have some inspiration, why not start designing things for your store? We know what you’re thinking, though, “How will I ever find print-on-demand personalised gift drop-shippers that sell all these fantastic, unique products?!

Consider it a problem of the past with Bags of Love. We handmake all of these items to order, plus way more. Like 400 more. Click below to browse our product range and start designing!

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