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Personalised Hot Water Bottle Covers

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Personalised Hot Water Bottle Covers

Photo Hot Water Bottle Cover

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Give someone a personalised hot water bottle cover printed with special photos and memories. You can choose between a standard rectangular shape...

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Photo Hot Water Bottles

  • Classic rectangle or heart shaped
  • Easy to remove cover and refill
  • Soft and comforting fabrics
  • Print on the front and choose a colour for back
  • Lovingly handmade

A comforting and snugly custom hot water bottle is a real bedtime treat for chilly nights.

Printed directly onto the front cover, your fleecy cover is a charming gift for anybody who loves to cuddle up and keep warm. You have the choice between a heart-shaped cover and bottle, or a rectangular shape. For the standard rectangular option, you can choose to include a 1.8L rubber bottle, or simply design a cover for a bottle you already have. Beautifully soft and gentle to touch, you'll be ushering on the cold weather just so you can use your personalised hot water bottle with fleece cover. It makes the perfect gift for someone who is always chilly and wants to be snuggled up and super cosy.
  • Handmade to order
  • Heart shape: 27cm H x 23cm W
  • Rectangular shape: 38cm H x 21cm W
  • Rectangular available with or without bottle
  • Fits all standard 1.8L & 2L bottles
  • Weighs approx 460g
  • Soft fabric covers
  • Pouch opening at the back
  • Your design printed on the front
  • Multiple colour choices for back
  • Water repellent properties

Care instructions

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

Two Choices

You get to choose between two shapes:

Rectangular Shape

The rectangular bottle is a standard size, so if you want to design just a cover for a water bottle you already have, then that's definitely doable. You can decide whether you want both the bottle and the cover or just the printed cover. The cover for the rectangular bottle is made from a plush Polar Fleece, which is also fire-rated. The bottle is 1.8L, and the cover will fit any bottle from 1.8L to 2L.

Heart Shape

The heart is a special shape with a bespoke cover, so the bottle and the cover are sold together. We make the cover from two fabrics. The front where your design is printed is made from Soft Velvet, while the back is our Faux Suede. Both fabrics have a soft, comforting feel that you'll love snuggling up to. The bottle will hold 0.7L of hot water, and the bottle itself is red with adorable hearts. 

Hot Water Bottle Safety

Our water bottles comply with ASTM D431-95 (2005) voluntary safety standard in place for hot water bottle production in NZ, Australia, and the USA. Regardless, we always recommend you follow all instructions provided, and use common sense to reduce harm and to prevent any injury to you or others nearby.

Made with Love and Care

We use fleece, faux suede, and velvet to make your personalised hot water bottle covers, which are covered with your print, cut to size and hand-sewn together. Your design is permanent, thanks to the specialist printing process that fuses the inks deep into the fibres. Everything is handmade to order by our skilled technicians and seamstresses, ensuring a beautiful finish and a bespoke gift that can't be found anywhere else. Order the complete package with a rubber bottle and cover, or simply choose the cover to replace an existing one.

Tips for Designing

Your special photos are printed onto the front cover, whilst the back can either be ivory, blue, pink or black. Experiment with the different colours and see which one will complement your design the best. Something to consider is the neck of the hot water bottles with cover, ensuring that the features of your photo are kept within the main body so nothing is accidentally cut out.

Is someone close to you poorly and needs cheering up? This custom made hot water bottle cover, personalised with a Get Well Soon message or something more sentimental, makes for lovely personalised photo gifts to help them recover. Your words or photos can bring a smile to their face, and the bottle itself will keep them warm and comfortable whilst they're sick. 

Great for kids, you can use pictures of their favourite hero, such as Iron Man, or go for something a little more personal, like their face on a hot water bottle cover, you can add text using different letter fonts, and spell out their name in large print, or add their initials. With express delivery options available, you can be the designer of these luxury hot water bottle covers. Design online using our specialist interface today.

Create a custom hot water bottle for all the family, featuring their photo and nickname. When it comes to mass hot water bottle preparation, it'll be so easy and clear to distribute them to all the children and your partner. They can also include pictures of their hobbies and interests, so it's totally tailored to each individual personality. You could also print a pattern that matches your pyjamas so you can snuggle up in flawless style.

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