Personalised Rain Poncho

Personalised Rain Poncho

Design Custom Poncho with Photos

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Featuring our personalised poncho, an adaptable and fashionable way to stay dry in unpredictable weather....

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Custom Rain Poncho

  • High-quality waterproof fabric
  • Customisable drawstring hood
  • Full hood with peak
  • Rustproof collar poppers
  • One size fits all unisex adult
  • With a small packing bag

Discover the revolutionary world of rainwear with our personalised poncho—a versatile canvas for your creativity. Elevate your rainy day experience, redefine fashion, and embrace the freedom of crafting your unique look with our personalised rain poncho.

This custom printed poncho is comfortable and functional, fitting over warm clothes and allowing for simple freedom of movement. It is easy to carry and store because it simply folds away into a small packing bag when not in use. Don't be caught off guard by unexpected rain. Order your personalised poncho today and step out confidently, no matter the weather!
  • Made from premium waterproof fabric of excellent quality
  • Universally designed to fit adults of all genders with a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Collar opening secured with rustproof silver-coloured brass poppers
  • Hood featuring a drawstring with a variety of colour options
  • Complete hood with a peak for enhanced protection against wind and rain
  • Includes a compact packing bag for easy folding and storage

Care instructions

Hand wash, Do not bleach, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean, hang to dry

  • Hand Wash
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Tumble
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Hang Dry

Crafting your look with custom rain ponchos

This personalised poncho's ability to be customised is its greatest feature. You may express yourself completely in every aspect when you have the opportunity to design your own poncho. From neck to hem, the entire poncho is an open canvas waiting for your creative imagination. Make use of our cutting-edge custom printing process to execute your ideas in vibrant colours and detailed patterns. Our custom poncho is designed to be versatile, catering to both men and women. This feature offers that everyone can benefit from a custom rain poncho without sacrificing comfort or style.

Product size chart 3127 Rain Poncho
 One size fits all
WidthOne size fits all 109 - 109 cm
43 - 43 "
HeightOne size fits all 145 - 145 cm
57 - 57 "
Sleeve LengthOne size fits all 44 - 44 cm
17.3 - 17.3 "
  • Width Width of opening
  • Height Total height
  • Sleeve Length Sleeve Length

Nurturing your ideas into personalised ponchos

As we begin the careful process of making your personalised rain poncho, your unique designs take centre stage. We start by digitally printing your customised designs onto separate premium fabric pieces. We use environmentally safe inks that smoothly imprint your design onto the fabric in order to realise your idea. This ensures the resilience and longevity of your personalised poncho in addition to enhancing its colour and clarity, making it a treasured and long-lasting item.

Bringing your design to life on ponchos

Our team of highly qualified textile professionals and skilful craftsmen carefully makes each customised poncho. Because the poncho is entirely printed from edge to edge, your original design is displayed. With our user-friendly customisation tools, unleash your creativity and design your own poncho. Play with colours, upload your own design or photos and produce a custom rain poncho that perfectly captures your personal flair. Your precisely made, personalised poncho will be delivered right to your home.

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