Personalised Gym Gear For Women

Use your own photos and memories to create beautifully personalised gym gear which gives you the perfect balance between comfort, practicality, and style.

Design your own gym wear Australia!

Women's gym wear is a personal choice; it's the outfit you are going to be using to motivate yourself to get something done, whether that be going to the gym or to just for a run. Yet still you are left choosing from a limited selection of workout clothes for women, making it barely personal at all. What if you could design your own gym wear Australia will turn its head for? Well, at Bags of Love, you can. Simply upload your favourite photos or designs to our online design interface and you can see exactly what your personalised gym gear looks like in our handy design preview.

Introducing athleisure

Athleisure is a modern trend of wearing clothes that have been made with the specific intention of being used as women's gym wear, but in other settings. From casual drinks and socialising, to wearing them at school or the workplace. This is a very similar trend to that of pre-1920 when people would create 'dressed up' sportswear as a completely different selection to their activewear ranges, this was known as fashion sportswear.

Workout clothes for women with women in mind

When our in-house designer was creating your personalised gym gear pattern, all of the details were taken into account. From the properties of the fabrics to the cut and styling on the garment itself, everything down to the type of hemming that was used. Every little thing has been thought about meticulously to ensure that your personalised sportswear is the pinnacle of comfort, style, and practicality. All have been tailored especially for the female form with body-sculpting, figure-hugging, and - most of all - comfortable cuts and styles.

Women's fitness clothing that works with you

There's no need to make going to the gym a chore, especially if you already struggle to find the motivation to get started. Make sure that your personalised gym gear works with you, not against you. Breathability is important; you don't want to be clamming up under your workout clothes. Important too is the weight of the clothing; you don't want to be lumbered with the additional mass of a heavy jumper when you're trying to set a new personal time. You'll likely want something that has moisture control. types of technical fabrics known as moisture-wicking fabrics are great for this as they draw sweat away from the body.

Women's sportswear just how you like it

Think about the things you need for your personalised gym gear and sportswear, and make sure you find the things that are just right. For women it may be the extra space in the front of a top or something with a higher waistline for added comfort. Don't settle for any less than the very best. With our personalised sportswear, you can often choose between more than one material. We will choose the best materials for the garment and lay out the benefits of each. You are in the design seat, you get the final say. You also get to choose a number of the finer details too, from zip, cuff, and drawstring colour to what colour you would like the thread used to stitch any visible seams.

Personalised gym gear that is unique to you

Use your favourite photos, your treasured memories, and your happiest moments to design your own gym wear Australia has never seen before. You'll be able to use it time after time with the impressively long lasting prints in full HD quality and great colour reproduction. Everything is lovingly handmade in the same facility where they were originally designed. From concept to shipping, the life cycle of your personalised gym gear and sportswear starts and ends here.