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Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations

Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations

Personalised Baubles And Photo Ornaments

from $47.00

Give your tree a fresh treat this Christmas with a unique array of photo ornaments designed by you as personalised Christmas tree decorations. These decorations are great fun to create so try something different this year. Create personalised photo decorations which will last for years to come. Printed both sides with your photos and text, you can create one for each of the family. Add a group photo or individual snaps of the children's smiling faces. Show off your festive pets and hang them pride of place with the included red ribbon. Made from tough ceramic, these personalised xmas ornaments are flatter and stronger than disposable decorations, so design your own.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Delivery $9.99

  • Handmade


  • 1 $48.00
  • 2 $27.00 Each (Save $42.00)
  • 3 $25.00 Each (Save $69.00)
  • 4 $20.00 Each (Save $112.00)
  • 10 $14.00 Each (Save $340.00)

Alternative Personalised Baubles

  • Ceramic Christmas bauble alternative
  • Heart, oval, star, bell, or round shaped
  • Ideal tree gift with red hanging ribbon
  • Photos both sides, edges remain white
  • Generous quantity discounts
  • Handmade, 2 year guarantee

The best way to continue adding memories to your Christmas tree is to incorporate personalised Christmas decorations.

Once you select snapshots from your most precious moments, you can upload then and preview them on these photo ornaments. Choose your shapes (e.g, round, bell, star), upload your designs, and have your printed personalised Christmas photo ornaments to your doorstep in time to hang them on your Christmas tree. Design your own unique personalised Christmas tree decorations and ornaments online right here. They can come in an optional cute pouch, making these custom ornaments a sweet and useful gift in their own right, helped further by our generous quantity discounts.
  • Ceramic personalised Christmas baubles
  • Five shapes: heart, oval, star, bell, round
  • Each one includes a red hanging ribbon
  • Vibrant photo prints on both sides
  • Features white edges on each one
  • Add family photos, names, dates
  • Design children's tree ornaments
  • An ideal tree gift ornament
  • Generous quantity discounts
  • Lovingly handmade to order
  • 2 year guarantee

Personalised Baubles: Shapes and Dimensions

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments Sent Fast

We supply your Christmas tree ornaments and personalised photo baubles quickly. Choose from bright stars, Christmas bells, and other personalised Christmas decorations and have them printed within days. Ceramic Christmas ornaments are a traditional way to enhance the look of your tree, but they are also ideal for sending as tree gifts to those who you won't be seeing over Christmas. Printed ceramic ornaments look stunning and act as a permanent reminder of your loved ones at Christmas. Personalised photo ornaments are an excellent choice for home decoration beyond just the tree, they are suitable for year-round decorating too.

Design Personalised Christmas Ornaments Online

You no longer need to waste time searching through disposable Christmas decorations once you've created a long lasting set of photo Christmas tree decorations. These personalised tree decorations are printed and dispatched in a few days but built to last a lifetime. You will always have your favourite photos on display in a unique and stylish way once the festive season comes around.

Delicate and bold

Your personalised Christmas ornaments are made with smooth, solid ceramic. Using a superior digital printing method, your photos and designs and permanently printed directly onto the surface of the ceramic. These personalised Christmas decorations are ceramic discs, quite thick and heavy to create a bold and lasting impression. A hole in the top centre of the ceramic is threaded with a strong, red ribbon making it suitable for hanging.

Please note: The edges of the personalised Christmas ornaments will remain white, with the image feathering softly on the edge, blending very nicely. You might notice that there is a slight colour variation between the front and the back of your ornament. Please be assured that this is normal and is due to our specialist printing method. The quality of your design will not be compromised.

An alternative to baubles

Increase holiday spirit by giving photo ornaments to the ones you love and cherish. Your personalised xmas tree decorations recall the best memories from previous years, and can be reused for years to come. Design your personalised Christmas ornaments each year and create an evolving set. Every personalised ornament perched on the Christmas has a story to tell. Print pictures of your closest family on ceramic Christmas ornaments, including the cat and dog! Create a classy addition to your festive decorations by designing a unique personalised Christmas ornament which can be re-used year after year.

Please remember to allow for the ribbon hole in your design (you will be able to see it on the design interface), otherwise you may lose important parts of your image.

Choose from these shapes:

76mm x 72mm Heart shape
60mm x 83mm Oval shape
80mm x 80mm Star shape
75mm x 75mm Round shape
65mm x 76mm Bell shape

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