Personalised Christening Gifts

Whether you are looking for personalised christening gifts for your baby to mark their official naming cer...

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Unusual Christening Gift Ideas

Christening your child is a special day, and what better way to mark this beautiful naming ceremony that with a personalised keepsake? Create unique presents, and customise them with photos, or to show your child's name, date of birth or a combination of all of them. If your christening also includes a dedication ceremony, you might want to add the date that your little one is dedicated to God. You could choose to design your own keepsake for the parents of the child, who have dedicated themselves to raising their baby as a Christian, no matter what you're looking for you can find it here. 

Personalised Baptism Gifts

Purification of the soul and acceptance of your religion is a moment to be celebrated, and whether it's an infant baptism or a believer's baptism, you will find a truly unique, customisable memento here. You can add photos, text or a mixture of both to these specially selected keepsakes and give your loved ones a gift they can cherish for life. 

Customisable Presents

Our christening gifts for boys and girls  are handmade to order with quick turnaround times and fast delivery. You can add photos as well as text to your chosen gift to forever keep the date or location of the ceremony, name and date of birth of your nearest and dearest or any combination you like. With a great selection of products that would make perfect gifts from godparents, parents and friends and family, you can create, design and receive your christening or baptism gifts in just a few days.