Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper is perfect for adding a touch of your personality to your home decor. Whether you're aimi...

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Printed Wallpaper Customisation

All of our printed wallpaper is eco-friendly and easy to apply. We have no minimum order and each of our amazing photo mural materials is tear resistant, solvent-free, odourless and wipe clean. You have a choice of drop width, ideal for mural wallpaper, as you can choose whether each sheet will be 125 cm wide or just 62.5 cm wide, making sure that nothing is cut off the edge of your wall murals. You even control the direction when you design your own wallpaper. Having the ability to choose whether you start from the left or the right of the wall makes it so much easier to hang panoramic photo mural in a way that suits you. 

Wallpaper Type Options

Standard: Textured matte finish paper. Lasting, vibrant print and good print quality. Paste the back of the wallpaper then hang. 10-year guarantee. If covering a dark coloured wall a lining paper or coat of white paint is recommended.
  • Strong and durable paper
  • Water-based inks
  • Wipe clean with damp sponge
  • Eco paper, with no solvents or odours
  • Tough, scratch and abrasion resistant
Premium: Water activated, matte finish, lightly textured. Spray the wall installation (simply spray the wall, then hang your wallpaper, sliding into place). Permanent non-fade print, 10-year guarantee, super sharp print quality, opaque paper. Pre-coated with adhesive, simply spray the wall and position.
  • No need for paste
  • Fade-resistant 10-year guarantee
  • Wipe clean with damp sponge
  • Opaque
  • Fast and clean installation time
  • Water-based inks
  • Odour-free, certified ECO-print, suitable for any space, including hospitals
  • Tough, scratch and abrasion resistant
Brushed Textured: Quick and easy to apply, matte, textured finish. Easy to clean. Paste the wall application. Lasting non-fade print, 10-year guarantee. Sharp, high-quality print. 
  • Paste the wall, not the paper, meaning no need for paste table etc
  • Quick and easy application, paste the wall, not the wallpaper
  • Can be easily removed when dry, without damaging walls (if the walls are prepared correctly before hanging)
  • Strong, tear resistant construction
  • Breathable formulations, resists mould and mildew
  • Washable using mild soap and water
  • Bio-Proof, special formulation prevents bacteria or mould growth
  • Suitable for bathrooms