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Personalised Bolster Cushion

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With a personalised bolster cushion, you are guaranteed to have something different. You can add photos, d...

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Make Your Own Bolster Pillow

  • 65 cm (15 - 20 cm diameter)
  • 85 cm (15 - 20 cm diameter)
  • Printed both sides with your designs
  • Cover made from deluxe Soft Velvet
  • Comes with polyester fibre insert
  • Handmade to order

Give the most personal of all custom bolster cushions online and make your own bolster pillow with your photos.

Looking for the perfect birthday present or wedding gift? Stylish and decorative gift cushions, perfect for beds and living room sofas, personalised with favourite photos are ideal. We make your cushion to order on our premises. Personalised bolster cushion covers are the simplest and most unique gift to give for almost any occasion. Ordering your custom bolster pillow online is not only easy for you, but they also add a homey decoration to anyone’s room interior. Perfect for curling up with a book, or watching a movie with friends and family, this large supportive cushion will keep you and many others comfortable and well rested.
  • Choose from two sizes
  • Printed all over on the front and back
  • Made from luxurious Soft Velvet
  • Polyester fibre padding
  • Removable cover for washing
  • Features elegant heart zip pendant
  • Permanent, vibrant print
  • Perfect as unique home decoration
  • Lovingly handmade

Care instructions

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

No Pillow Fighting!

Please be aware that it's not a great idea to go whacking other people with these cushions. Note they have a zip and a zip puller that might catch someone in the eye or face if they are incorrectly used as weapons, even in fun! Stick with pillows where there is no zip component particularly if you are designing a baby personalised bolster cushion.

Custom Bolster Cushions Handmade

Your photos and designs are printed onto the deluxe soft velvet fabric using a specialist printing technique. This method uses heat and pressure so the inks permeate the fibres of the fabric, ensuring as deep and permanent print. Your designs are long-lasting, and cannot rub off or fade even wash after wash. Your printed fabric is then cut to size stitched together by hand to into the stylist bolster cushion cover shape. A strong zip is added, along with a cute silver heart charm. Your personalised bolster cushion cover is stuffed with a polyester fibre insert and plumped for use. Once you bolster pillow is complete, it is thoroughly checked before being sent out to you, all in just a few days.

You can wash your cushion cover using a 30°c (cold) wash. This will ensure your print will continue to look perfect, wash after wash.

Long Bolster Cushions with Flair!

You may have seen long bolster pillow before, but none like these. Step aside plain, old, boring bolster cushion covers, Bags of Love is here to spice up your dreary pallet. With personalised bolster cushions online, you can choose between a lively, colourful cowboy-like font with a border of hearts or stars for your younger gift recipients, as well as a simple and classy solid base colour with Elegance and Circus fonts for your more mature and sophisticated gift recipients.

Our Personalised Bolster Cushion is made from Soft Velvet, a fabric, which is so luxurious and soft, you won't want to stop stroking and cuddling it. This gorgeous fabric truly makes our Bolster Cushions stand out, as you can mix customisation with luxury. 

Make Your Own Bolster Pillow Online

The beauty in ordering your long bolster pillow online is that you control the design: the cushion size, base colour, font type, text message, photograph, everything. But wait, there’s more! Once you have worked your creative magic in designing your personalised bolster online, then simply place your order and within days it will arrive at your doorstep. Bolster cushions handmade are simply great to have or give to friends as home gifts!

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